About Zinianz
Zinianz Publishing Private Ltd. Is a group of professionals working with a common plan to get publication access open to members of all races and research ethnic group. Zinianz moves forward with a motive towards right conduct in research alike in zinnia seeds resembling arrow heads.
Zinianz best provides our stakeholders (authors, associations, universities and societies) in publishing their articles with different feature enhanced formats which has a wide scope in reaching out to the individuals (students, learners, scholars, professionals and scientists) for better understanding of a research outcome.
Zinianz promotes each research with advanced models of publication to set a standard for technology innovations in research publications with an aim to exchange the information in improving a quality education through scientific networking increasing visibility for the articles published.
Zinianz moves with a motive of exploring authors credibility in the process of publishing a manuscript and with an overview in maintaining the journal’s reputation following an ethical publication in developing a source which will be reliable information for most of the learners, professionals, researchers and scientists all over the world.
By maintaining the reputation of the journal we encourage our reviewers and editors to make decisions for each research article by completely utilizing all their knowledge, subject expertise and research experience. Zinianz Publications starts with a motive of eroding scientific misconduct in a publication following an open peer-review process. 
Zinianz proves their talent through a list of publishing formats that enables scholars, librarians, research funders, institutions and stakeholders in benefiting with world class services towards publication. It facilitates the integration of journals, associations, Universities, and societies in publishing all their needs by achieving reasonable standards in ethicalness, technology improvements and thereby supporting the system of science, education, innovation, societies and public.

Every mode of interaction with individual bases on a concept or an idea in specific instances, here the instance is publishing scientific outcomes. Publishing with us will be distinctive on our unique concepts towards world renowned classes of publication through
  • Publication Ethics
  • Open Peer Review
  • Associations
  • Researcher Biography
  • Multimedia
  • Scientific Networking
  • Research Medals
Publication Ethics
Ethical Principles for publication follow to assure high quality science in publishing research, individuals’ belief in research findings, and that people get credit for their innovations. It is most appropriate that people show willingness towards easy publications for their scientific progress. For those who need ethical publications should avoid
Misrepresentation/ concealment of data:
Fabrication or misrepresentation of data includes re-writing or editing some scientific results, falsification of data explains false results or false justification of research findings, concealment of data means hiding a particular number, data, or usually results which would conclude the research statement as false or not proven. Most of these practices proves misconduct in research and makes individual (researchers, reviewers, editors, patients, funding agencies) mistrust scientist and their publications, which in turn eradicate their funding source. 
An innovation or a research should be a unique qualitative data which shouldn’t be copied or used same from the other sources or the sources of your own publications while this is considered to be scientific misconduct.  Plagiarism is copying even a single statement from the sources you know without appropriate citation. We ensure our submitted manuscripts are plagiarism free and feel privileged to publish the unique concept of our contributors with their prior consent.
Multiple submissions at a time
It is not a right conduct or ethics in submitting duplicate or similar publication simultaneously to two or more journals as it wastes the entire publication process and the time of individuals (Peer-reviewers, editors) and may also diminish the journal’s reputation.
While submission, authors should disclose all the details of manuscripts, even if it is in another language relevant to the current submission, similar to papers previously published, or presently under review in other journals.
Misconduct in Authorship
Authorship is the justification given to authors who have made their substantial contributions towards a scientific writing. Proper credits should be assigned to each individual keeping in mind omitting those who have not made their significant contributions to the paper published and excluding multi-authored submissions without proper consent from all authors.
Stealing the concepts and thoughts of others
Exchange of thoughts and concepts among colleagues is an important aspect to be discovered in scholarly communications. Researchers have a possibility of acquiring new ideas from others during the process of reviewing manuscripts. Yet, improper uses of this information induce fraudulent attempts and research misconduct.
We encourage our contributors to follow “constructing your Manuscript” for a better contribution keeping in mind ethical principles as stated, before submission of a manuscript to the journal. Contributors are requested to avoid redundant (similar) publications.
Publication Priority
Republication of a manuscript from other languages or from various journals with different types of publication and audiences with effective social networking are accepted here, provided wide information, disclosure of all conflicts and a consent letter from all authors and co-authors for a re-publication initiative in the journals listed in our website.

Open Peer-review
What is an open peer-review?
Peer-review is a concept developed in the scientific community in judging a manuscript by the individual who is an expert in the relevant field of study.
Open peer-review is a process of finalizing the manuscripts for publication in public without any hidden decisions by editors and reviewers. It is differentiated into two as pre-publication peer review and post publication peer review.
Pre-publication Peer-Review
In the pre-publication peer-review, the selected “peers” who are more or equally qualified professionals and scientists are invited for their quality time to spend on a research in their own field and recommend any suggestions to improve the manuscript based on individual’s scientific expertise. This pre-publication peer-review is conducted using OJS -an open journal systems.
Post-Publication Peer-Review
Post-publication peer review is a communication based peer-review process where the published article is made available publicly, allowing them to propose their ideas and utilizes individual’s scientific knowledge up to the maximum and makes their efforts recognizable and appreciative by publishing in the form of comments below every published article.   
The peer-reviewed report recommended by “peers” is made available online or print public for all researchers, professionals, and scholars who wish to use it as a guide for further investigations in their fields of science.
Who are peers?
Peers are the individuals who are more or equally well-qualified experts in their fields of science with sound knowledge and ability to compete with the participant in the publication process judging in a rightful way for a high-quality manuscript. The "peer" who has assigned to review a manuscript should thoroughly investigate manuscripts based on their expertise in the respective field and let present his/her recommendations on the manuscript to the editor.
We believe this model is a most unique and proven for its ethics towards publication of a scholarly research work in providing complete, fair, open and transparent review and editing processes. Open peer-review, initiate journal’s performance towards a motive to be right conduct in any innovation published by our beloved author.

Associations/ Societies
Professional Associations/Societies duties
The professional associations or sometimes called as volunteer membership societies represent individuals who joins as a member maintains latest updates and progress in their profession. Maintaining ethical standards by exchanging information with members and improving growth by associating with concerned parties. 
Association/Society membership benefits
  • Each member associations/societies will be aimed in making fulfil their mission and vision that involves members in developing their standards through our services
  • Every member associations/societies will be encouraged in advertising their scientific values, standards, and code of ethics through our MPP (Membership Promotional Page) that will be visible for wider audience in scientific community that helps further in attracting volunteer members for their association/society.
  • Association/Society membership enables their members to take an advantage of a wider variety of academic publication benefits
  • Zinianz helps associations/societies member
     1. To publish their attended workshops as image communications
     2. To publish their participations in communities & understandings of their best practices as audio podcasts
     3. To publish their on-going associations/societies course work as interactive cases
     4. To publish their associations/societies research articles that help their professional or industrial anticipating trends,      preparation for opportunities and create a bright future
  • The member associations/societies are also encouraged in collaborating with us in publishing their own journal, which will be coined & maintained as per your guidelines in our database but similar to our publication procedure and policy

Researcher Biography
We are proud to introduce our researcher biography concept, we publish researcher biography pages of authors, reviewers, editors and eminent researchers.
Zinianz researcher Biography consists of Photograph, Affiliation, Biography, Research Interest and Research metrics which include.
A total number of published articles, Citations, Reviews done, h-index, I 10 indexes along with the scientific interview, showing their personal views towards academics and research development, along with a list of publications which are consistently updated. 
  • Biography is a detailed explanation of a person’s life. Researchers biography involves his experiences, life events, and mainly an analysis of his personality
  • The concept behind researchers biography is to make an author publicize his life story with all his structural types of actions to reveal his uniqueness and deep wisdom
  • The conceptualization of researchers biography is to know and publish researchers
     1. Intentions
     2. A wide perspective
     3. Artistic experiences
     4. True listening to life explorations
     5. Contribution to society, culture & economy
     6. Understanding the research careers
For authors full biography and their details please follow the below-mentioned link

Multimedia is one another present to each individual (author, reader, scholars, professionals, and scientists) who loves not only to read the articles, but also to listen and analyze watching what’s going on in actual instances.
Multimedia explains what is reality and motivates individual to look forward aiming for a better practical view and knowledge of things rather than theory.
Multimedia is the best option for an individual who is a thinker out of the box. Zinianz motivates individuals who are best ideologists in utilizing their nature of thinking beyond existence and making it real with their best possible feature enhanced presentations.
At zinanz we publish research in multiple feature enhanced formats like PDF, Full Text, Quick Research Video, Research Podcast, Author Video, Image communications.
These formats are shared and promoted extensively in different social networking sites and research communities with our unique promotional strategies, along with research biographer which will bring recognition not only to the published research but also to the publishing authors.
To access multimedia files of articles and for interactive medical case, please follow the below mentioned link.

Scientific Networking
Zinianz Publisher believes it as the best possible solution to make the best visibility for an article is through scientific networking of the authors own research work making their efforts public by posting their quality articles on different web sources and blogs which zinianz are in tie-up with. 
Unique Promotional strategies: Our unique promotional strategies for audio, video, research, image, associations and news, along with SEO, will ensure your research will have a global reach to the right audience with maximum impact.
Research Impact Analytics Report (RIAR): The authors will receive Research Impact Analytics Report every 45 days to their registered emails which will in detail show the impact statistics including Total views, Likes, Downloads, Discussions, Shares, Reach, Citations along with the country wise statistics in turn reflecting on the increase in the impact of their research in the scientific community.
For full details of list of research networking sites in which we promote is given in the below mentioned link, we request our authors once to go through it

Research Medals
Every research work published is a team effort with many researchers working diligently to achieve the desired results and publish them in a scholarly journal. But traditionally recognition for the research article during publication is given to the corresponding author or the authors stated in the manuscript.
At Zinianz we intend to honor the hard work of all the contributing individuals for a research work through the concept of “Research medals”. We acknowledge every individual for their efforts in building a constructive and fair research by awarding them with our research medals, for their best and persistent efforts towards the scientific community.
We have distinguished 16 different roles of researchers (individuals) and wish to award them with research medals pertaining to their vital role played in developing a research.
With this unique concept we encourage and recognize all those shareholders who played an important role in bringing a great research into lime light.
Every published research with zinianz will have a research medals tab which displays the medals awarded acknowledging the researchers’ contribution along with their profile.
The different medals awarded to the individual has been stated in the link given below