Publication Charges

Article Processing Charges

Zinianz Journal (ContROL) charges for all articles an Article Processing Charges (APC)

Article Processing Charges in ContROL are based on the word count, irrespective of the type of article. Word counts in an article will be calculated for the main text, i.e irrespective of the wordings in title, abstract, figures, tables and references.

Word Count


Up to 1000 words


1000-2500 words


Over 2500 words


Revised articles

No charge is levied on authors for one or more new versions of a published article. A revised version may be the case in response to points raised during the peer review process and are usually published in ContROL; an update will be a new version reflecting minor changes/developments in the research publication 

When we should pay APC?

Article Processing Charges are payable once after the article accepted for publishing, i.e. followed by successful completion of our pre-publication checks. Kindly go through our discounts or waivers before the payment procedures

What is all the APC for?

The Article Processing Charges cover the following 

  • Publishing costs, including editorial checks and improvements to the article before publication
  • Typesetting
  •  Other aspects of production
  • Technical development & maintenance of the publishing platform

Waived off charges and discounts

  • No charges on editorial articles, Review comments/critiques
  • No charges for the articles published by authors who are the academic professors, scientists, lecturers, librarians, staff of our membership institutions, associations/societies and scientific organizations
  • Half of the charges on APC as discounts are given to our editors, advisory board members, and reviewers per article
  • No charges are levied on members of countries belong to Low-Income as mentioned by the world bank in the below given link
  • Half of the charges as discounts given to those individuals for not having any of the funding for their research and who belong to the lower-middle income countries as mentioned in the below link by the world bank

Credits to World Bank Group for their list made available economy wise online