CATER is a highly professional comprehensive platform developed to solve the needs of global organizations to transform digitally by connecting, communicating and collaborating with organizations to cater essential services to rightful audience & members of medical community. Initially we offer our affiliates to conduct and exchange information on News & Events, Conferences, Multimedia, Webinars, and Background of the affiliated members and a lot more of opportunities provided for our affiliates to grow globally experiencing digital publishing of full length articles abstracted at international conferences and seminars with all multimedia features for each article published

This is what we do

News & Events

It is an essential resource that collects information from our affiliates and distributes organically in the scientific community. All affiliated organizations are given a platform to promote their latest news and events which can attract a number of professionals to join their mission.

We provide information aggregated about the latest news along with all the upcoming professional events from the organizations globally.


The conference is a meeting and a discussion on selected topics that individuals share their thoughts to help develop the scientific community in a way forward. This platform helps continue this discussion and information exchange, going and growing by broadcasting the events live and after the program by maintaining a record of the materials presented at the conference.

This platform publishes all the content communicated in the events like Posters, PPTs, Abstracts and conference videos and helps individuals to gain information and knowledge virtually.


Multimedia platform is an opportunity to publish content in different formats like video, audio, images, animations, text and interactive content. These different forms of publication make the content visible and communicable to a wider audience. Multimedia in publication utilizes the concept of interactive multimedia and hyper multimedia to communicate knowledge and information impact fully generating a good amount of citations.

Affiliates will gain full access to all our multimedia services and can publish full-length articles submitted to the conference in “7 Feature enhanced formats” in the journal ContROL following standard journal procedures with ethical peer review.


Webinars is one of the digital ways of delivering information alike in classrooms, meetings, and seminars. It is an insightful service provided to our affiliates to use the web platform as a source in conducting their important lectures, meetings or classes.

This service helps the speaker to deliver point to point communications through one source and many receivers, those who have permissions in accessing multicast communications.


This service is about spreading information about the organizations worldwide to help them grow their network and achieve their mission. An opportunity given to our affiliates to showcase their history, mission, vision, and values along with their current leadership or council to attract more members to join.

A service that helps an organization to grow global and intern develop their network by promoting and publishing all their information and content.

Every affiliate page will have a “Join” link which will redirect to the organization’s membership page encouraging visitors to join the organization.

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