Author COI
A Zinianz publication, neither expects nor receives any financial gains which would affect the process of a specific publication. No company or manufacturing industry is made flexible in drawing their attention towards a possible misconduct in maintaining publications of their own interest. 
No payment by industries and third parties (like companies which sell drugs and finished products) for a research or patents, no possible public announcements by medical educators & non-publishing companies, are encouraged in a publication process.
Clinicians having competing interests financially in editing a research that in turn provide them income, political & non-profit organizations, consultancies are made explicit and put a far from their influence in a particular publication.
Academic Honesty
Authors are encouraged to disclose any particular explanation or method suggested by a reviewer or editor for a correction is being biased in research conductor having strong beliefs in their harsh judgments after their successful revision.
Unbiased conduct
Reviewers & editors in the same field should take efforts in finding faults with articles from competing individuals, which delay in publication and further makes authors submit their work to false or lesser journals.
Manuscripts submitted to journals are privileged communications that are authors’ private, confidential property, and authors may be harmed by premature disclosure of any or all of a manuscript’s details.
Confidentiality in terms of sharing information about research, paper, book 
Peer-review: Editors are suggested to seek the opinion of a constructive reviewer for most of the research articles. Editors should decide under which context, the manuscript has been accepted for publication, supported by reviewer’s advice.
The International Society for Medical Publication Professionals provides good practice guidelines, which are aimed at ensuring that “clinical trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies are published in a responsible and ethical manner”.
Reviewers and editors are also required to declare any competing interests in their reports, as our readers who contribute comments on the site.