Journal COI Statements
What conflicts are and effects whom and when?
Conflicts of interests are the major drawback for an ethical publication of one’s (Individual and group) own research which intern affects each individual with a risk in research integrity and can motivate one’s private interest and their duties to scientific, academic and publishing activities. Conflicts of interest exist in every stakeholder (author, reviewer, editor) in scientific publishing and hence it is made explicitly public mentioning everyone’s competing interest fair and transparent. Zinianz Publishers express no conflicts of interest with any academic institutions, funding agencies, research labs, government, media, and the public.
Zinianz outlines different types of competing interests of their stakeholders and provides the customers with best possibilities to notice and try to get rid of these personal interests before making a reliable connection and for a better possible relationship. 
Financial Conflicts:
The financial tie-ups are the major risk proven conflicts which affect his/her responsibilities to publication process with expectations in receiving money, services or gifts. Every individual (Author, Reviewer, and editor) has been asked to state any such allegations before editing or submitting a manuscript.
We do not encourage an individual (Industry, advisory boards, medical companies who sell their education for a financial reason and companies who sell drugs) in competing unethical practices towards a research, patents, and other scientific expertise that effect publication process and is made explicit and public until and unless the authors expect no competing interest.
Financial conflicts may appear to include (but are not bound to)
Receiving allowances, funds, salary, or incentives from an organization which may anyhow affect financial gain or lose from the publication either now or then.
Having shares, patents, stock options, payments towards editing services of a manuscript which may anyhow affect financial gain or lose from the publication either now or then. 
Other competing Interest:
Competing interest with government, clinical and civic agencies which may for their own reputation and funding from organizations lead to disruptions in research activities and these are handled cautiously without any influence towards financial gain.
Manuscripts received towards the journal are made edited and reviewed by the individuals who are not a part of their family, or a colleague of the same academic institution past 10 years, or a friend of his/her, or a competitor having same research challenge which has changed his/her present paradigm. Contributors are asked for his/her concern for any religious beliefs or political issues if any, for any upcoming submission of manuscripts towards the journal.
If anyone is unsure and not known about their own competing interest whom and when they fall into may e-mail us for further clarifications regarding conflicts at