Research Medals
Every research work published is a team effort with many researchers working diligently to achieve the desired results and publish them in a scholarly journal. But traditionally recognition for the research article during publication is given to the corresponding author or the authors stated in the manuscript. 
At Zinianz we intend to honor the hard work of all the contributing individuals for a research work through the concept of “Research medals”. We acknowledge every individual for their efforts in building a constructive and fair research by awarding them with our research medals, for their best and persistent efforts towards the scientific community. 
We have distinguished 14 different roles of researchers (individuals) and wish to award them with research medals pertaining to their vital role played in developing a research. With this unique concept we encourage and recognize all those shareholders who played an important role in bringing a great research into lime light. 
Every published research with zinianz will have a research medals tab which displays the medals awarded acknowledging the researchers’ contribution along with their profile. we encourage our authors to post their respective contributions going through the below mentioned list while submitting their manuscript.